8 Easy Ways to Go Green in 2018

Welcome to 2018, and to my very first blog post. As it’s that time of year where most of us set new goals and make commitments to change something, I thought it rather fitting to do my first blog post about easy ways to go green this New Year.

So here are my top tips to turn you Green in 2018:

1) Purchasing a reusable water bottle is probably the simplest Eco-friendly change you can make, and one which the planet, and your pocket, will love you for. Roughly one million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, and despite recycling efforts, still around half end up in landfill or the ocean(1). Plus tap water is free and safe to drink in the UK and several other countries, and if its the taste putting you off, get yourself a filter.

2) Use reusable cloth bags for all of your shopping. Plastic bags are ugly, hard to recycle, and yet scarily 500 billion of the plastic things are being used each year, with most ending in landfill or our beautiful oceans(2). I love my animal friendly cloth bag from jadegreenvegan.com, my Chihuahua approves too.

3) One just for the ladies- using reusable sanitary products, such as the Moon Cup and cloth sanitary towels, has to be one of my top tips. Brace your bits ladies, and do your bit, as apparently we each use on average over 11,000 sanitary items in our lifetime, which sadly primarily ends in landfill or the sea(3), and its expensive! My only regret? Not doing it sooner. Check out the SillyPandaCo here online at http://www.etsy.com/shop/SillyPandaCo for funky reusable sanitary towels like the one below. I love mine!

4) This one’s for all the coffee addicts or tea drinkers- use a reusable cup. With over 2.5 billion coffee cups being used and thrown away each year, and a measly 1% being recycled(4), please, for the love of the planet, ditch single use and buy a lovely stylish reusable one for yourself. A lot of coffee shops actually give you a discount too for using your own cup. Win, win really.

5) Switching to a bamboo toothbrush such as the Humble Brush. It’s great, totally biodegradable, and funnily enough, brushes your teeth in the exact same way as a plastic one. Who would have guessed. The Humble Brush also give a child in need a toothbrush or oral care for each one you purchase, and they last as long as a plastic one. You can find Humble Brush toothbrushes in store at Holland and Barrett or online here http://www.hollandandbarrett.com

6) Buy package free goods– whether its fruits, vegetables, soap or pasta, package free is the way to be. Although this can be particularly challenging, especially in a big city, most places have a local fruit and veg market where items are loose. Several shops, for example Lush, are also launching package free ‘naked products’, and there are shops opening worldwide which are completely package free. In London check out The Bulk Market bulkmarket.uk, for everything package free from pasta to oils, to dog treats and flour. Amazing.

Package free at Shepherds Bush Market

7) Go car boot sale and charity shop rummaging. Pick up a new outfit, new shoes, a book or even a set of vintage looking plates. You can even flog your old bits at a car boot sale for some quick cash. One person’s junk really is another’s treasure. My favourite car boots in London are the Capital Carboot in Pimlico and the Battersea Car Boot sale, both almost every Sunday except for holidays. Go practice your bartering skills.

8) And last but not least, reducing, or eliminating meat and dairy intake, as animal agriculture uses huge amounts of energy, land, water and food, and causes over half of all global greenhouse-gas emissions(5). Although going vegan may not seem the easiest of tips to Go Green, with Veganuary in full swing and so many others starting their vegan journey right now, it’s the perfect time of year to give vegan a go. Check out veganuary.com for recipes, tips and general support, or PETA at http://www.peta.org. There is a plentiful of vegan groups on Facebook too, for both the novice vegan and the more experienced.

The last thought I would like to leave you with, is simply buy only what you actually need, and shop consciously, and remember

  “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

Anna Lappe

And please let me know below how you plan to Go Green in 2018, or any Eco-friendly tips you have 🙂









2 thoughts on “8 Easy Ways to Go Green in 2018

  1. Lovely Hannah!!! Congrats on the blog! Love your tips, which I tryyyyyyy to do myself as well (living the 80-20 principle and can’t imagine life without cheese). I would add “consume as local as you can”, as buying exotic goods from across the globe (think soy, fancy algies, avocados, cacao nibs and other goodies) isn’t very eco-friendly at all unfortunately. However, I admit the vegetarian (or vegan) diet by the local principle is a tough challenge in cold countries (hence the 80-20 principle). Keep up the good job, hugs from Switzerland

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback Charlotte, I really appreciate it and I am so glad you enjoyed the tips. Its great to do all we can, so keep up the good work! And yes you are so right, consuming local is a very important tip, especially with a vegan diet full of fruit and veg. I may well challenge myself to do just that as well, eat mainly local and seasonal produce 😀 Hugs back to you from cold old London xx Btw cheese was an extremely hard one for me to give up too! There is a great range of vegan cheeses out here now, but not sure how world wide that is yet! Keep a look out xx


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